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The wise teacher leads you to the threshold of your own mind (Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet)

The verse that follows is the close to my novel The Defendant: Insights & Motivation for the Salesperson (in everyone), which is currently available as an ebook. It is also in my novel Beyond the Periphery, which is an edited, summarized version of The Defendant. The poem captures many of my views pertaining to my primary source of interest—the Selling Profession. This particular verse is dedicated to the many, gifted young salespeople, such as Canada's Ronny J, Rocky J, and Lindon K, whose drive, energy and perseverance give older sales reps like me a great deal of motivation and insight.

The Salesperson
© 1992 by Dominic Spano

Concealed in the mirror, perchance I did see
An intimate stranger!—He looked just like me,
Save for the passion entrenched in his eyes—
The demeanour of someone both older and wise.
"Each Pathway in life does define", he cajoled
"The one who does sell and the one who is sold."

Each day, many doors shielding strangers, I face;
Each nerve and each jitter I gladly embrace;
As a rule, I will leave either pride or my name;
The response, when they're home, is often the same.
Though most tell me NO, I continue to press
On my journey whose goal is to search for a YES!

My quest, often–times, continues by phone,
As I strive to make contact with sources unknown;
And again I hear NO, and occasionally MAYBE—
Those faithful companions, who try to dissuade me,
Instead teach me discipline, courage, persistence,
Confidence, patience, faith and resilience.

Veiled in the mirror, I happen to see
An emerging acquaintance—The likeness of me.
His manner is changing; his gait more secure;
He glances back towards me and I feel his allure.
Persistent, he'll beckon and nudge and appeal;
But I'm afraid to find out what his path may reveal.

Some call me a nuisance; some prefer not to hear;
Until they are ready, I cannot appear—
They discover themselves—reflected in me—
When fear becomes trust, I and they become we.
In that moment uncertain, our oneness arrives;
It shatters the wall—it dissolves the disguise.

By those that I touch, I am held in esteem;
My insight, their faith—a formidable team.
They reach out—I reach back ... I always avail—
The best of myself always follows the sale!
We've each greeted risk; we both dared to grow;
And our Tutor appeared—He hid behind "NO"!

Revealed in the mirror—I can't help but see
A Mentor, admired, who's so proud of me.
His mind is astute, his heart is sincere,
He encounters good fortune each day of the year.
"Each Pathway in life does define", 'tis inscrolled,
"The salesman who bought and the salesman who sold.

The initial few chapters of The Defendant build to a storyline that incorporates a 'play' (via a night at the theatre) to reflect back to Julius, the protagonist of the story, his views, hang–ups, shortcomings, cruel realities as well as his admirable qualities and successes so that he can more objectively evaluate his performance in the selling arena. As in the verse above, many of the themes are summarized by way of rhymes incorporated into the dialogue of the play. If you enjoy the undertones in the preceding verse, then you will likely appreciate the manner in which The Defendant allows you to uncover the roles played (in both our personal and professional lives) by personality (e.g. dominant vs. submissive), self–esteem, self–respect, conscience, issues of control, upbringing, acculturation, ambivalence, altruism, etc. The Defendant and Beyond the Periphery can be previewed at Amazon.com and at Smashwords.com.



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