Beyond The Periphery

The Defendant

Beyond The Periphery is the story of an eccentric salesperson who survives a suicide attempt after his sales output takes a downward turn. While on life support, his dominant subconscious thought is to regain consciousness. His strong will to live forces him into a re–examination of the life events that led him to his drastic decision. As his semi–rational mind schemes frantically to resume its rank among the living, he is taken deeper and deeper into his psyche and a parallel theme begins to emerge.

This novel brings to light the dynamics that can thwart self–esteem, confidence and a positive attitude. It lets the reader see the dynamics that we all encounter in the selling profession through the actions/reactions of the principal character. In addition, the human behaviour patterns that can either enhance or sabotage a salesperson's performance are brought to light through the analogies to life–events that are incorporated into the storyline. The text may be previewed at Amazon.

This Book Will Appeal to:

  • Salespeople
  • Managers
  • Students of Human Behaviour
  • Psychologists
  • Self-help enthusiasts