In the Twilight of the Moon

The Defendant

In the Twilight of the Moon is a story of familial love that follows the lives of three brothers who vie for the approval of their emotionally distant father in destructive ways. Marco lashes out and pursues a life of crime; Nicky tip–toes circuitously around everyone's moods; and Gianfranco turns his destruction inwards, tragically forfeiting his enormous potential. Their only sense of stability comes from their Uncle Frankie, a wise man who consistently reflects their family values back to them.

As the story unfolds, Marco's path takes him away from the family, essentially abandoning them. Gianfranco, instead, emotionally withdraws from his family and in time lives his life through the prism of severe depression. Nicky, in his attempt to bridge the familial gaps, pursues the role of caregiver. But fate, if not faith, intervenes and, as the patriarchs age and become infirm, the familial bond is forced to the forefront, setting off a series of events that bring about the long–awaited healing.

The plot connects with a vast array of readers: Nicky's unrequited love will register with those who have loved and lost as well as those who are incapable of loving; Gianfranco's struggle with his inner turmoil will give hope to those who see no answers forthcoming; and the brothers' return to their father provides insight into the all–too–common struggle for the approval of a loved one.

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