Learn to Play the Guitar

Blue Collar Guitar

This book is for the person who wants to acquire a quick and thorough knowledge of the guitar's basic chords so that he or she can play along while singing a tune. Indeed, the student who merely wants to memorize the fingering for those chords and then start to immediately apply them to a song will benefit from the dual images that illustrate their fingering as well as from the exercises that mimic real chord sequences. But this book is also for the student who wants to use the basic chords as a building block to more advanced studies. For those students, several alternate fingerings are suggested, along with a detailed breakdown of why the chords are fingered the way they are. If, like most people who pick up a guitar, you find you cannot get enough of it, the final section of the book introduces you to several techniques for the right hand, including an overview of basic finger-picking patterns upon which the ambitious student can creatively build. By the end of this course, the beginning student will have acquired a sound basis upon which to progress to the multitude of advanced techniques that are available for the guitar. As you join those of us who already love the guitar, I welcome you to the world of joy and fun that surrounds this fascinating instrument.