Glorious Mystery

Glorious Mystery

Glorious Mystery is the story of a young woman who struggles with the tenets of her Christian Faith in the context of contemporary society. After a lengthy period of emotionally tortured soul–searching, this young woman who suffers from suicidal ideation becomes convinced that her life, which had always been centered around her belief in God, has become too difficult for her to cope with. Just as those emotions were peaking, a series of strange events suddenly become a part of her life and she interprets them as a sign from God. A journal she inadvertently stumbles upon convinces her to pursue a pilgrimage to the Shrines of The Blessed Mother in France and in Portugal—a trip she had been putting off for years.

While on her pilgrimage, the young woman finds insights in three places: firstly, in the subplot that ensues from the incidents that slowly get revealed in the journal she had found; secondly, while in Paris she meets a man who befriends her and becomes both a mirror and a sounding board for much of her concerns; and, thirdly, many of the people and events she encounters in the varioius Holy Sites she visits provide a new perspective for many of the issues that had been troubling her and, hence, place them in a new context.

The plot connects with a vast array of readers: the main plot, which sees the main character incorporate a much more optimistic perspective into her life, also incorporates many motivational concepts into the story and will register with people who enjoy analyzing the dynamics of human behavior. The subplot that is slowly revealed from the mysterious journal revolves around a story of apparently unrequited love and, as a result, studies several intimate human emotions that are at play when people interact with one another. The religious undertones attempt to analyze many of the contemporary issues that are at the heart of Christianity in today's world. Furthermore, the main character's intense feelings toward her Christian way of life will be very familiar to Christians who see themselves as practitioners of their Faith. In addition, the issues she raises are likely identifiable by other Christians who ponder the tenets of their faith yet have no concrete answers for the same issues brought to light in this novel.

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