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Blue Collar Accordion

To paraphrase a famous quotation, rumors of the accordion's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Indeed, in many parts of the world, the accordion has never even seen a sabbatical. A Blue Collar Introduction to the Accordion is an introductory course in which the would–be accordionist will learn how to play a song specifically written for this purpose. In the process, the novice accordionist will become very acquainted with both the right hand keys and the left hand basses. Students who bring a prior knowledge of music theory to this course should be able to get through the material relatively quickly. Thenceforth, their ability to advance on this fascinating instrument will be in direct proportion to the effort they put into their practice sessions. As for students with no prior knowledge of music theory, the hands–on approach suggested in this book, along with the many visual aids should help them associate the accordion's keys with their appropriate counterparts in the sheet music. For their benefit, the basic terminology that is encountered throughout the book will be addressed as well. The book is written in two parts: the first focuses on the right hand keys while part 2 focuses on the left hand basses. The course ends with an exercise that introduces the novice to a boogie–woogie type rhythm that is both fun to play and of great use in improving the dexterity of the left hand. Following a mastery of the techniques suggested in this book, the aspiring accordionist should be ready to tackle more advanced music. This e–book may be previewed at: Amazon.